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Posted by Aisah Wolfard  •  Monday, July 3 2017
Design Dilemma Minimalist Rp. 10 juta - Rp. 30 juta
Asked by TJ
I need help selecting a rug to match my coffee table. I want to bring in color with the rug and the only two items i am keeping in the room are the tv stand and the coffee table, both are black wood, the coffee table is travertine with big liquid-looking gold specks all over it. I will be buying an ivory colored couch and eventually a new armchair and my walls are completely bare. The room itself doesn't have a ton of light so nothing too dark please, I have orange-y brown lighter hardwood floors (room is 12x14 square with ivory plain walls and hardwood). My husband is traditional and likes lighter blues while I like pinks, lavender and yellows and florals. I would like a nice mix between his traditional, masculine and my colorful floral. I would like to be comfortable and homey. He does not like "busy" patterns. I want a rug that allows me to play with accents in terms of color in pillows and artwork. Can you help with a few suggestions? Thanks. I tried to send a pic of said coffee table from both my phone and camera but both were bigger than 3mg as per the file allowance. It is almost exactly like the Crate & Barrel Parsons rectangular coffee table but the travertine is beige not ivory and has big specks of gold in it if you know what that coffee table looks like. Thanks!
Answered by Aisah Wolfard

Hi TJ! Great question – It is not uncommon for a couple to have different preferences with styles and colors. I would recommend finding a rug that incorporates an element that you both like (for example, maybe it is in the color palette that you prefer, but in a pattern that he is happier with) or even finding something that is a little bit out of both your comfort zones that you can both enjoy! I have a board shown with three different rug options – the left option is a bit more of a traditional pattern in a lighter blue shade that your husband may prefer. I have paired it with floral or pale pink pillows to bring in a touch of your preference to the space once you get your ivory colored couch. The middle option is an idea for a “middle ground” rug – combining some of the colors you may prefer, with a bit more of a masculine pattern. The right option is a floral rug with pinks and yellows, but also a bit of light blue that can be complimented with pale blue pillows, an option that may satisfy your husbands goals for the space. Keep in mind while shopping, that you can always add in accents of different colors and styles to create an eclectic space that neither of you have to fully compromise your personal tastes!

Happy Decorating!


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