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Styling Your Office with Color

Posted by Rio Stefanus Tuesday, July 11 2017
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Ditanyakan oleh Aura Walker

I need help finding a pillow, artwork, and a decorative object to put on the back credenza. Any suggestions please?

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Rio Stefanus
Dijawab oleh Rio Stefanus

Hi Aura,

Thank you for contacting interiordesign.id for online interior design help! You’ve done a great job on your office design! I love the layered rugs! Your clean palette is perfect for adding a bunch of color to! I’m loving all the orange and pinks in this print – and you can tie in the palm trend with your lumbar pillow. This will really brighten up your space and give you a cheery spot to work in. Decorative boxes are always great for storage and would work on the credenza. Greenery is also a great way to liven up a room. I hope you enjoy my suggestions!

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