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Office space and stores made out of shipping containers in Jl Lodaya, Bandung. An unique investment opportunity.

Top location in Bandung

Jalan Lodaya is situated between Burangrang and Buah Batu. The area has high commercial potential.

Solid recurring income

With a one time investment you’ll be generating a solid monthly income for 9 years.

Beautifully designed 20ft shipping containers

Berka Venue is build out of shipping containers and has a unique design that will attract and offers lot’s of parking space.

Berka Venue

This video shows Berka Venue – By Interiordesign.id. Check it out and see where you could own a new outlet soon.

20ft shipping container offices/stores for sale

Unique business complex in the heart of Bandung made from shipping containers

BERKA Venue is a new business complex in the heart of Bandung. Jalan Lodaya 40 to be exact. This location between Buah Batu and Burangrang in Bandung is perfectly suitable for various kinds of businesses.

Berka Venue is developed by Interiordesign.id and offers 20ft container units for rent and sale.

The complex will offer 24/7 security, fast wifi, toilets, mushola, a cafe, meeting rooms and parking space.

For limited time only we offer container units for sale at a very much reduced price and a cash back option. This offer is limited to the first 40 20ft shipping container units only and will give a great ROI.

Safe investment with cash back

For limited time you can buy one of the 20ft container units and use it for 9 years in Berka Venue. Jalan Lodaya 40. You can use it for your own office or store, or rent it to another company and earn around 5jt per month. That’s 540jt income per container unit.

After 9 years we’ll refund 100jt and you can take the container office with you. This means a solid ROI of 31% per year!

A business park for home improvement related businesses

Focused business clusters generate more profit

Berka Venue will be focused on home improvement and interior related shops and offices. By focusing the businesses towards one target group, all businesses will benefit. The shops and offices will be combined with food stalls.

Are you ready to become part of this unique new business cluster?

Order your container unit now

Let us rent the units out for you (optional)

Let us rent out your container unit for you

Are you looking for income with solid ROI, but without the hassle of running a business?

If you want, we’re ready to rent out your container unit for you. This gives you a truly passive income while still enjoying a high ROI.

Our fully managed service includes finding renters, all daily interactions with the renters, collecting rent every month for a low, fixed percentage of the income.

This is what makes investing in Berka Venue so great

Here are some points why this investment opportunity is so unique:

Top location in Bandung

Berka Venue is located in Jalan Lodaya, a top commercial location in Bandung. Nested between Burangrang and Buah Batu, Berka Venue will soon become a new hotspot for interior design related companies.

24/7 security

Berka Venue is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has around the clock security guards and cctv in place. You can rest assured that your business is safe in Berka Venue.

Parking available

Berka Venue offers enough parking spots.

Cafe restaurant and chill out spots

Berka Venue offers food and drinks and enough spots to chill out or have meetings with your clients.

Complete facilities

The complex offers mushola, several toilets and is easy accessible.

Luxury finishing

All shipping containers are finished in luxury, high quality materials and have a classy look.

Buy a container unit for your own company

A 20ft container unit in Berka Venue is very suitable to use for your own business. Whether you have a store, a food business or need office space where you can receive your visitors in style, Berka Venue offers what you need.

Jalan Lodaya is a busy two way street where thousands and thousands of people pass by every day. It’s easy to find and very representative.

Secure your container unit fast, because supply is very limited.

Buy a container unit as an investment and rent it out to other companies.

For a limited time only, we offer the opportunity to buy a container unit that you can rent out to other companies.

The total investment is a fraction of what you’ll earn back by renting it out.

Our special cash back option and take your container home make this offer even more interesting. Contact us now for more info.

Berka Venue Units


Order your 20ft shipping container unit now

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